In daily life, we often see quartz stone products, which are relatively popular. Of course, artificial stone countertops also have a lot of fans. Many people face such things when they are shopping. Both materials have special questions, so how to buy artificial quartz stone? Is artificial quartz stone expensive? Let’s take a look at it with the editor.

viatera quartz rococo

Viatera quartz rococo white countertops

1. Whether the countertop is leveled
Since the flatness of the product is directly related to the degree of fracture of the entire countertop, when purchasing, the countertop should be leveled as a whole. If only a few corner pads are placed, the countertop will be very easy to break; at the same time the surface of the artificial quartz stone is polished and polished, so it has a good gloss on the surface and can reflect light. If the surface you choose is not very beautiful and its decontamination ability is not good, it is recommended not to buy it.

2. With or without seams
For this type of product, it has unique properties, which means that after processing or splicing, the entire product does not appear to have obvious seams; at the same time, after installing the artificial quartz stone into a kitchen countertop, it is best to follow Compare the drawings and check if there is a big error in the geometric dimensions of the tabletop. If the error exceeds 3 mm, it is unqualified.

3. The gap against the wall
Due to the particularity of the material, this kind of product will expand and contract with the climate. Therefore, when processing, it is best to leave a gap of 3 to 5 mm on the side of the wall; in addition, because artificial openings and corners of the quartz stone table will be smoother than other places, so dead corners should be used to disperse its internal stress, otherwise, its internal stress will be too concentrated and easy to crack.

quartz pietra

China quartz Pietra kitchen countertops

Is artificial quartz stone expensive?
In fact, the price of this type of product does not have an accurate figure, because it is calculated according to the amount per square meter. Different quality has different prices. Currently, the lowest price of quartz on the market is 350 yuan per square meter. The slightly better price is around 600 yuan per square meter, and the highest price of quartz stone has reached several thousand yuan; in addition, if the price is below 300, it is best not to buy it. This kind of quartz stone is not made of real quartz stone, generally, It is artificial granite, but its appearance looks very similar to quartz stone, but it is very different in hardness and oil leakage, and it is not environmentally friendly and harmful to the human body.

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compact quartz Carrara white countertops