Cabinet countertops are the most used in life, so they need regular maintenance. Many families don’t pay attention to the countertop, which leads to some families still looking as good as new after 10 years, while some families will appear “eclipsed”, cracked, cracked, etc. in less than 2 years? In addition to quality factors, it is also related to maintenance to a large extent. Today, Xiaobian takes quartz stone countertops as an example to tell you about the maintenance and cleaning methods of quartz stone cabinet countertops.

calacatta white quartz countertops

Calacatta white quartz countertops

A. Precautions for the maintenance of quartz stone countertops
1. The countertop should be ventilated and dry. In order to avoid local overheating and cracking of the countertop, do not place hot pots, irons, electric stoves, and other high-temperature utensils directly on the countertop for a long time. It is recommended to use a well-insulated pot mat.

2. Do not hit the countertop with heavy objects or sharp objects, especially on weak parts such as stoves and sinks.

3. In order to keep the quartz stone countertops clean and new for a long time, if the countertops are stained with oil stains, soy sauce stains, rust, and other stains, please clean them in time, so as not to leave stains on the countertops for a long time and cause stains.

calacatta quartz kitchen countertops

Calacatta quartz kitchen countertops

B. Quartz stone cabinet countertop cleaning method
Usually, quartz stone countertops are washed with clean water after use and then wiped clean with a dry rag.

1. For stains (rust, soy sauce, ink) that stay on the countertop for a long time, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the surface stains, then use soap or strong detergent to spread evenly, and then wipe back and forth with a rag until the stains are removed, then use Clean with clean water and dry.

2. For glue, nail polish, paint, and other hard dirt adhering to the table, you can use a blade to remove it;

3. If the stains that stay on the table for a long time cannot be removed by the above methods, you can find a professional stone care team to operate!

calacatta marble quartz countertops

Calacatta marble quartz countertops

Quartz stone is a relatively popular decoration material in the market now, and it is accepted by people because of its important advantages such as dirt resistance and wear resistance. But quartz stone countertops are not omnipotent. Usually, you should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance to ensure its life. If you haven’t paid attention to it before, you can pay attention to it after reading the editor’s summary. Let’s clean it this weekend.