For the stone used in the home, the common one is artificial stone. For example, the countertops of our kitchen, as well as the countertops of the window sill, etc., are all made of artificial stone. The most common man-made stone is probably quartz. So many friends want to choose quartz stone. But the price difference of quartz stone is still very large, so how do we distinguish the quality of quartz stone? The household miscellaneous forum takes the following questions as an example to answer the questions of some methods for judging the quality of quartz stone.

How to distinguish whether quartz stone for the kitchen is good or not? Since quartz stone is made of quartz crystal as raw material, it is then made by pouring or molding. So if we want to judge whether the quartz stone is good or bad, I personally think that we should first know the determinant of the quality of the quartz stone, which I personally think is the density of the quartz stone. The higher the density, the better the quality of use, and there are many ways to determine the density. To this end, China quartz stone provides you with the following two methods to judge the quality of quartz stone.

Method (1): Judging the quality of quartz stone by looking at its appearance
For the appearance of the quartz stone, the first thing we see is the size, the thickness of the quartz stone plate, and the color of the quartz stone. In addition, the density of quartz stone can be easily judged. To this end, we can start with the following four points to judge.

①: Look at the processing size. For kitchen countertops, the thickness of quartz stone is generally more than 1.5 cm, and the thickness below this thickness is unqualified quartz stone. We buy quartz with the ultimate goal of installing it on our countertops, so there is an accurate size, which is also the performance of good quartz. For example, when we look at the finished quartz stone countertop, the thickness of the used plate should be uniform in size, and the size should be square and rectangular. If there is a thickness difference of two or three millimeters during use, it is unqualified. In addition, the squareness difference of more than two or three millimeters is also unqualified.

②: Look at the color of the quartz stone. My personal opinion is that the overall color of a good quartz countertop should be almost uniform. And it gives the impression that the color is very bright and pure. If the quartz stone we purchased finds that the color is particularly cloudy, and the color difference is very large, without any brightness, then I personally recommend that you do not buy this quartz stone.

③: Look at the content of quartz crystals. We cannot directly judge this by the quartz stone plate. At this time, we need the quartz stone manufacturer to provide the quartz stone plate inspection report. We focused on the content of quartz crystals inside. Because the quartz stone countertop is a kind of plate artificially synthesized by quartz crystal and resin. Its internal quartz crystal content should reach more than 93% to be considered qualified. If the resin content is high, cracks are prone to occur, and the color is dull. Therefore, you can look at the manufacturer’s test report, which will have detailed data.

④: Look at the density of quartz stone. There are generally two methods for judging the density of quartz stone. The first method is to look at the test report of the quartz stone to judge whether its density is qualified. The second is to look at the particles. If the particle size of the front and back of the quartz stone is the same, it is a good quartz stone. If the particle size is very chaotic, and there are pores inside, and some even have pores, these are unqualified quartz stones.

Method (2): Judging the quality of quartz stone by the test method
Quartz stone is very much used in the market now, so there are some means of judgment and some tests. These are some of the more commonly used experiences. There are three commonly used methods for using the test method to judge the quality of quartz stone. Details are as follows.

①: Drop hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid on the surface of the quartz stone to observe. For example, we put a drop of hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid on the surface of the quartz stone countertop and then observe it. If it bubbles after a few minutes, it means that the content of quartz crystals is relatively low, the content of glue is relatively high, and the quality is not good. In addition, you can also use edible oil or soy sauce, and pour it on the quartz stone countertop, we will observe, that if we find that the edible oil or soy sauce has penetrated into the bottom, then the quartz stone plate is unqualified.

②: Scrape the quartz stone plate with a knife, and then judge. For example, we can find an invisible area under the quartz countertop and scrape it hard with a knife. At this time, if a large amount of powder appears, it means that the density of quartz stone is very poor, it is unqualified, and it does not meet the characteristics of high hardness. If there is only one white scratch and no powder, it means it is qualified, reflecting its high hardness.

③: Fire roasted to judge the quality of quartz stone. This is also a method commonly used by many manufacturers. The specific method is that we can use a lighter to face the quartz stone countertop and bake it for a while in one part. Scrub with water afterward. At this time, we will judge again. If there is yellow that cannot be wiped off, it means that the quartz stone is unqualified and the glue content is too high. If it is wiped cleanly, it means that the quality of the quartz stone is qualified. Because everyone knows that quartz stone should not be afraid of scalding and high-temperature resistance. If it turns yellow under high temperatures, it means that it is not a qualified quartz stone.

For the quartz stone used, you really should know some purchasing skills. We don’t need to know some special knowledge, but we should know some common judgment methods. For example, when we go to buy quartz stone, two kinds of quartz stone plates of the same specification, if its quality is heavier, it can indicate that its density is higher. In the case of high density, we will see if its color is consistent. Finally, through some test methods, it is basically possible to judge the quality of quartz stone. Because the most notable feature of quartz stone is deformation resistance and high-temperature resistance. Therefore, we can basically judge the quality of quartz stone based on these characteristics.