One, look at the thickness
Generally, the thickness of quartz stone for kitchen countertops should be more than 1.5 centimeters (cm). This thickness is strong against earthquakes and can make the countertops tough. In order to save costs, some manufacturers cut corners and cut materials with a thickness of only 1.3 cm, so such countertops are easy to break.

q quartz sparkling white

q quartz sparkling white countertops

Second, look at the content
Quartz stone countertops are artificially synthesized by quartz crystals and resin. The content of quartz crystals should reach more than 93%. Only by doing so can the countertops be considered qualified. Inferior quartz stone countertops have a high resin and some cracks. But the content of quartz stone is invisible and intangible, what should I do? Then let the merchant provide the “Test Report” when selecting, so it will be clear after reading it!

Three, look at the density
There are two kinds of quartz stone production:

One is a pressed board, which is made by high temperature and high pressure, so the density is relatively strong, there are no pores on the surface, and oil stains are not easy to penetrate;

The other is the inverted template, which is poured out of a mold. It has a poor hardness, low density, and has pores on both sides, and is easy to penetrate.

white caesarstone quartz

OEM white Caesarstone quartz

So, how to tell which method of making quartz stone is made?

Check whether the particle sizes on both sides of the quartz crystal are uniform. If the particle sizes on the front and back are different, the particles on the back are larger and the particles on the front are smaller, then it is an inverted template;

Conversely, if the particle size on the front and back is uniform, it is a pressed board.

Four, do experiments
The following are two experimental methods, if possible, you can try them:

a: Use hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid, and use a straw to drop a drop on the quartz stone countertop. After a few minutes, if it bubbling, it means that the quartz crystal content is low, which is inferior and cannot be bought!

b: Use edible oil or soy sauce to pour it on the quartz stone countertop. After a day, if it penetrates, it is also inferior, and vice versa.

Five, Scrape with a knife (remember to secretly)
Scrape it with a knife on the quartz stone countertop. If there is a powder, it is of inferior quality, if not, it is of high quality, because the hardness of quartz stone is high.

Six, roast with fire
Bake the quartz stone countertop with a lighter for a while, and then scrub it with water. If there is any yellow that cannot be wiped off, it is obviously inferior, and the clean one is high-quality because the quartz stone is not afraid of being hot and resistant to high temperatures.

quartzstone white worktop

China quartzstone white worktop

Seven, the correct process
No matter how good the decoration materials are, there must be good craftsmanship to make the finished products. If the construction is improper, too much weight will cause the countertop to break! The correct construction of quartz stone is to add a keel of the same material to the front, middle, and back of the quartz stone. In addition, where holes are needed, such as stoves, basins, etc., there should also be keel support. Increase the surrounding capacity and reduce the probability of fracture.