After the quartz stone countertop is installed, it is hoped that it can stay as bright as possible for as long as possible. Then we need to take good care of it and keep it as a new one. But as time goes by, the position of frequent contact with hot objects will be different from other parts of the light. Below we will introduce some simple and easy-to-understand methods to make the quartz stone countertop bright as before!

quartz white

The most important point is to scrub frequently with cleaning products. Although it is more resistant to dirt, it is inevitable to get oily in daily life. After scrubbing the surface of the quartz stone with detergent, apply the car wax or furniture wax on the surface of the quartz stone countertop. After it is dry, wipe it back and forth with a dry cloth. This method is equivalent to adding a quartz stone countertop. A protective film. In the cleaning process, pay special attention to the place where the countertops are spliced. If there are stains, they must be scrubbed in time, and the gaps should be waxed.

Also, pay attention to some daily details. For example, do not place some high-temperature objects directly on the quartz stone table. Under the action of high temperature, it may cause some damage to the surface of the quartz stone; do not force the quartz stone table or cut things on it. Will cause some damage to the countertop.

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Although the surface of quartz stone has a strong anti-injury ability, in order to ensure the normal use of quartz stone countertops, it should still be prevented from contacting with some strong chemicals, such as paint removers, metal cleaners, etc. All have strong corrosion properties, which will destroy the surface of the quartz stone table to a certain extent. If accidentally contaminated with such items, be sure to immediately rinse the quartz stone surface with plenty of soapy water. Pay more attention to these small details in daily life, the quartz stone countertop can be well maintained and cleaned, it will always look bright and new, and the service life will be extended accordingly.