Quartz stone has now become one of the main countertops of cabinets, but quartz stone has thermal expansion and contraction properties. Once the plate exceeds the tolerance range, the pressure and external impact caused by external thermal expansion and contraction will cause the quartz stone countertop to crack. How can we prevent it?

georgian bluffs quartz

Georgian bluffs quartz slabs

Early installation
Because quartz stone has thermal expansion and contraction properties, when installing quartz stone countertops, pay attention to the distance between the countertop and the wall to leave 2-4mm to ensure that the countertop will not crack in the later stage. At the same time, in order to prevent the tabletop from deforming or even breaking, the tabletop should be kept at a maximum distance of less than or equal to 600 mm from the support frame or support plate.

Quartz stone installation is never a regular straight line, so it involves splicing, so the physical properties of the quartz stone need to be considered, otherwise it will cause the splicing seam to crack. The connection position is also very important, in order to avoid the corner of the furnace mouth. For connection, the force effect of the plate must be fully considered.

casablanca quartz

Casablanca quartz cut to sizes

What about the corner? At the corners, an arc angle with a radius of 25mm or more should be maintained to avoid cracks at the corners caused by stress concentration during processing.

Having said so much, let’s talk about another opening! The position of the hole should be more than 80mm away from the edge position, and the corner of the hole should be rounded with a radius of more than 25mm to avoid cracking of the hole.

In daily use
The kitchen uses a lot of water, so we should try our best to keep the quartz countertops dry. Avoid high-temperature pots or objects that directly contact the quartz stone countertops. They can be placed on the stove to cool down or put a layer of heat insulation.

almond roca quartz

Almond Roca quartz hotel laminated vanity tops

Avoid cutting hard items on the quartz stone countertops, and not directly cutting vegetables on the quartz stone countertops. Avoid contact with chemical objects, which may cause corrosion of the quartz stone countertops and affect its service life.

Whether it is before installation or in daily life, we should avoid any problems and take precautions.