Artificial quartz stone processing technology is very mature, artificial stone can be made into various shapes, such as thread, countertops, pillars, artwork shapes, and so on. Relying on various artistic qualities, it illuminates the grade and artistic atmosphere of life decoration products and architecture.

How to process artificial quartz stone?
Draw and record the size according to the data provided by the customer → confirm with the customers the color and edge type of the table → draw the pattern and line according to the drawing → cut the material with a marble machine → use a multi-function marble machine or another special water mill to trim the edge type → blow-dry Clean the glue water → used artificial quartz stone acrylic glue to smear the bonding surface → clamp with a special fixture → use a blade to cut off the waste glue after curing with a special grinding and polishing machine water grinding → polishing → check the effect of the size, the back is enhanced.

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A special note is that artificial quartz stone acrylic glue is widely used in the market for seamless splicing, which is efficient and convenient. It does not need to adjust the glue ratio but is prepared by the manufacturer before purchase. The glue quality is stable, the color can be customized, and the bonding strength is high.

What special shapes can artificial stone do?
Common artificial stone special shapes include curbstones, pillars, stigmas, carvings, lines, steps, countertops, arches, window sills, door frames, stone benches, stone tables, washbasins, etc. Most of them use hot bending technology. Specifically, the artificial stone is heated to a certain temperature to soften and then bent into a certain shape. This kind of hot bending generally processes more arcs, and other special shapes require cutting.

Commonly used equipment for artificial quartz stone are: automatic multi-head continuous grinder, diamond leveling machine, bridge grinder, disc grinder, reverse rough grinder, and hand grinder.

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Introduction of artificial stone:
Artificial stone usually refers to the artificial stone solid surface material, artificial stone quartz stone, artificial granite, etc. Different types of artificial stones have different compositions. The main ingredients are resin, aluminum powder, pigment, and curing agent.

Practical building materials using polymers, the manufacturing process is a chemical material reaction process, which is a practical scientific material produced with the advancement of human social science and technology and is continuously improved. Artificial stone is mainly used in the building decoration industry. It is a new type of environmentally friendly composite material. Compared with traditional building materials such as stainless steel and ceramics, artificial stone not only has various functions, rich colors, and a wider range of applications. Artificial stone is non-toxic, radioactive, flame-retardant, non-sticky, non-smearing, antibacterial and mildew proof, abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, easy to maintain, seamless splicing, and versatile in shape.

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What can artificial stone do?
This article describes in detail the processing process of artificial quartz stone, which is more complicated, especially for customized products, and it is necessary to check clearly with customers. Artificial quartz stone acrylic glue is used for the seamless splicing of stones, which is efficient and convenient. There is no need to adjust the glue ratio. Big brands use it for splicing. The main components of artificial stone are resin, aluminum powder, pigment, and curing agent. Artificial stone is used in home decoration, home customization, and architectural accessories. Do you know what special shapes can be made of artificial stone?