Quartz stone has a variety of colors and has the texture and luster of natural stone, and the surface is smooth without any pores and small cracks. It is a national indoor green environmental protection decorative stone. Because the production cost of quartz stone manufacturers has caused the price of quartz stone to be too high, which is difficult for ordinary families to bear, quartz stone was initially used in places with higher requirements, such as laboratory benches, cabinets countertops, and high-end places.

caesarstone grey quartz

Caesarstone grey quartz kitchen countertops

During the visit, I found that many families bought countertops for more than 1,000 yuan, but the seam treatment was not in place, which directly affected the aesthetics of the overall countertop! So what kind of seams are qualified? What I want to say is that it is not obvious at least!

Quartz stone has the highest hardness among decorative stones, and its density can reach 2.6g/m3. Generally, ironware cannot damage its surface. The water absorption rate of quartz stone is also extremely low. The water absorption rate of qualified plates is 0.02%, which can be said to be almost zero, so there is no need to worry about penetration. But this also brings certain troubles to the processing, and the technology and experience of the seam are very high.

white with grey vein quartz

white with grey vein quartz countertops

When the quartz is spliced, the processing requirements for the splicing interface are very high, and the splicing interface must be completely consistent. This process is a big test for the processing personnel’s skills. At present, many quartz stone processors can cut directly with cutting saws. When splicing, the original glue of the same color from the manufacturer should be used for pasting, and the color of the board should be matched before pasting to avoid color differences. Use paper tape to paste on the edges of the two opposite interfaces. So as to avoid unnecessary troubles when the glue contacts the plane to clean. After finishing the preparation work, evenly apply glue and fix it with an F clamp for about 20 minutes. The ones that need to be polished should be polished to more than 3000 mesh with water polishing pads in order to avoid whitening of the board.

quartz pietra grey

quartz pietra grey kitchens