For kitchen decoration at home, the materials used for countertops are generally marble and quartz. The countertops are well-chosen, and they will be comfortable in our daily life because the kitchen is often exposed to some oil, water stains, and other cleaning reagents. Therefore, the material needs to be selected appropriately. My family saw the marble countertops of other people’s homes, and they looked very good-looking, and I wanted to follow the trend, but the decorator told me the reason, and I completely dispelled this idea.

marble table tops

Round marble table tops

The advantage of marble countertops is obvious, that is, it is hard, and the pattern is very beautiful, pure natural, but a whole piece of marble is very small, if it is processed, it is difficult to achieve a complete countertop, there must be gaps in the overall beauty It’s not very good.

Quartz stone countertops are mostly used. The main component of this material is silicon dioxide. Simply put, it is very similar to glass, but quartz stone is pure natural. Therefore, this material is absolutely free of pollution. The quartz stones on the kitchen countertops are all-natural quartz stones, which are artificially polished.

marble vanity top for vessel sink

Beige marble vanity top for vessel sink

In terms of hardness, it is much higher than marble countertops, it is not easy to scratch, and water stains are also difficult to penetrate into it. The same is true for oil stains. After cooking, we wipe it off with a damp cloth. It is well maintained, and the kitchen often has to withstand high temperatures. Quartz has good high-temperature resistance.

Therefore, in terms of selection, it is the best for practical use. If you often cook, it is best to choose quartz countertops. In terms of price, quartz stone is also much cheaper than marble, and it is a very good choice.

marble vanity top with sink

Natural marble vanity top with sink