A kitchen is a place where we get energy in our daily life. It has always been regarded as a dedicated space for storing raw and cooked food and preparing daily meals. In recent years, people have given the kitchen some new functions, making it a collection of dining and family activities. s room. More and more attention has been paid to the selection and design of kitchen decoration. Let’s take the quartz stone for cabinet countertops. Do you need to do front water blocking in the design and processing?

laminate countertop backsplash

Quartz stone laminate countertop backsplash

First of all, we have to understand what is the function of water-retaining. The processing of quartz stone countertops includes front water-retaining, backwater retaining, and countertop composition. It is also common for us to call the back-barrier against the wall, while the outer barrier is called the front barrier, but now many people do not choose the front barrier. The design of the water-retaining strip is mainly to prevent water from the sink from splashing out, or to prevent water from the kitchen countertop from flowing onto the wooden cabinets below, causing mold.

countertop backsplash

China quartz stone countertop backsplash

Why do many people do not like to use front water barriers? One is that there will be a water stop on the upper edge of the cabinet door; the other is that many people think that the edges of straight, arc and Roman edges are more beautiful. The third is that it costs money and time to make the front water stop. The fourth is that the quartz stone is used to make the front. The water-retaining edge is really not good-looking, and there will be a black glue line during use, which is not good-looking and easy to hide dirt. To be sure, the advantages of the front water barrier outweigh the disadvantages. With the continuous maturity of the processing technology of quartz stone countertops, the splicing can be seamlessly spliced ​​like other artificial stone products, so it is very necessary to choose the front water barrier.

laminate backsplash

China quartz stone countertops laminate backsplash