Although quartz stone as a professional countertop material has comprehensive advantages that other materials can’t match, any index is relative. No material can withstand destructive use. When using it, pay attention to the following matters and try to protect your Valuable countertop, avoid damage to the countertop due to improper use.

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1. Sharp objects may cause damage to the surface and the material itself. Quartz stone is a brittle and high-hardness composite material with high impact resistance and scratch resistance, and will not be scratched or worn under normal use. If there are rubber, nail polish, paint, and other sticky substances that are particularly difficult to remove, if necessary, use a knife to gently scrape off. When scraping, you need to control the strength to avoid damaging the table. In particular, avoid using ultra-high hardness sharp tools to forcefully scratch the table surface, such as diamonds, sandpaper, broken glass, broken ceramics (including sintered particles that may exist at the bottom of inferior ceramic vessels), high-hardness alloy knives, and hand tools.

2. Local overheating at high temperatures will cause damage to the surface of the countertop and internal materials. The surface of quartz stone has good heat resistance, and generally will not be burned by high temperature, causing scorching, deformation, depression, etc. However, materials have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. Heat changes can change the internal structure of the material. Long-term overheating will cause accidental damage to the material, which will cause the table to expand locally and cause the table to crack. Therefore, during use, avoid local overheating of the countertop, avoid grilling the countertop with an open flame, and avoid placing high-calorie utensils (such as hot pots, hot water utensils, etc.) directly on the countertop. It is recommended to use pot pads with good heat insulation, or Use pot pads that allow the heat to dissipate to protect your countertop.

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3. The impact of heavy objects will damage the countertop. Although the quartz stone contains a composite material that improves the toughness of the material, the thickness of the plate is up to 15mm or more, and it has relatively high impact resistance, but it is still necessary to avoid hitting the countertop, frequent hitting or using Gravity compresses the suspended parts of the countertop, especially the weak parts of the countertop, such as near the stove, near the water basin, corners, splicing parts, middle parts of the large-span cabinet, etc. Otherwise, the countertop will be cracked or damaged.

4. Long-term strong ultraviolet irradiation will affect the surface gloss of the quartz stone countertops, and local irradiation may leave chromatic aberrations.

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5. After the countertop is used, if the density of the cleaning agent is too high during cleaning, please use clean water for the final cleaning. If necessary, use a knife to scrape off the remaining material on the surface. After use, you can use soapy water for cleaning, and use a dry cloth to dry after cleaning to avoid leaving limescale.