Although quartz stone for cabinet countertops has become the material of choice, it is also the most difficult to process. Quartz stone is made of quartz sand and resin under vacuum and high pressure and high vibration. Although it is an artificial stone product, its hardness has exceeded that of natural stone and can reach a Mohs hardness level of 7, second only to diamond. Therefore, the processing technology requirements for finished products are very strict.

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The composition of quartz stone countertops is also composed of front and rear water retaining and countertops. Most of them are directly pasted. In the previous issue, we also talked about the advantages of using front and rear water retaining and why the back-arc is used. After the cabinet countertop is selected, the arc process will be charged separately, but many processing masters are unwilling to make it. The production of the circular low arc is very troublesome and error-prone. How to make a circular low arc? Let’s take a look together.

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It is very difficult to make a low arc with a quartz stone. Once a mistake is made, it is irreparable. Common problems in making a low arc include color loss and obvious glue lines. To make a circular low arc, firstly bond a stone strip of about 3 cm, and cut it down before cutting; then block the water after pasting and fix it with an F clip or A clip; after it is completely fixed, use a touch head to polish it. Yes, manual polishing is also possible, but manual polishing is time-consuming.

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