After rapid development in recent years, the production of artificial quartz slabs in my country has increased sharply, with an annual output of nearly 10 million square meters, and a considerable part of it is exported abroad. The current problem is how to improve the quality of artificial quartz stone plates. The author believes that the following aspects can be considered.

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1. Reduce the amount of resin used in artificial quartz stone plates
1. Reducing the amount of artificial quartz stone resin is the need to reduce the cost. Every 1% reduction in the resin amount will save 7 yuan per square meter of the plate (take a thickness of 2cm as an example).
2. It is required for the technical requirements of export plates. The export requires that the quartz content of the plates is 93%, that is, the resin content must be controlled within 7%.
The factors affecting the amount of quartz stone plate resin are determined by the parameters of the quartz stone plate press.
(1) The pressure applied by the press head will affect the amount of sheet resin. After many tests and on-site statistics, it is found that when the pressure applied to the press head is less than or equal to 1kg/cm2, if the amount of resin used is 8%-9%, it will not meet the export requirements. When the pressure applied by the pressure head of the press is ≥5~10kg/cm2, the resin used is 6%~7%. If you want to make the product meet the export requirements, you can use cylinders and oil cylinders to add force.
(2) The vibration frequency of the vibrator on the indenter also affects the amount of resin used in the quartz stone plate.

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(3) The vibration of the vibrator must match the pressure applied by the indenter.
At present, the parameters of the press used in many artificial quartz stone slab production plants in my country are frequency 2900, unit pressure ≤ 1kg/cm2, so the resin content of coarse-grained quartz slabs produced is about 8% to 9%, and the resin content of fine-grained quartz slabs is 10%. ? About 11%. The above figures show that the production of quartz stone slabs in my country has a heavy task of reducing resin and has great potential. What should we do? Modify the press to achieve the required parameters.

Second, improve the quality of quartz stone plates
1. When observing the surface finish of the board, it is found that the areas with particles are bright, but the powder is not bright. The powdery part is not bright, which is caused by the low hardness of the quartz powder. Therefore, increasing the hardness of quartz powder is an effective way to improve the hardness and smoothness of the plate. After many tests and applications, it is found that adding 10% of 100-mesh flat glass powder to 325-mesh quartz powder can increase the Mohs hardness of the plate by 0.5 and increase the surface finish by 3 to 5o.
2. The watermark problem of fine-grained quartz plates is a difficult problem to be solved in the production of quartz plates. Generally, the production plant starts by improving the mixing effect of the mixer, and adding a squeezing machine before the cloth to solve the problem, it will receive a certain effect, but it cannot be eradicated. After careful study, the so-called watermark problem, in addition to the problem of the formula, is actually caused by the different densities of the entire surface of the board, that is, the pressure and vibration force on the entire board during pressing are different. The solution is to increase the rigidity of the indenter.

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3. Increase the variety of patterns on the surface of the quartz stone plate, and expand the scope of use of the quartz stone plate. At present, the surface of the quartz stone plates produced in our country is all flat. With the development of decoration, the surface is required to be made into a natural surface, which requires a new process