Because quartz stone has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-permeability that other decorative materials cannot match, it has been increasingly used in kitchen countertops, laboratory countertops, window sills, bar counters, elevator entrances, etc. Artificial quartz stone is also suitable for floors, walls, etc., where building materials require relatively high materials.

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1. Please pay attention to the integrity of the protective film during transportation and construction. The quartz stone that has just been shipped from the factory has been finely cleaned. After the construction is completed, the protective film can be removed to make the clean and beautiful quartz stone wall available.

2. After the quartz stone project is completed, if other decoration works are required, plywood or a protective layer must be laid on the surface to prevent the quartz stone from being worn out.

3. According to the flow of people, repeat the mirror surface treatment on the quartz stone wall at an interval of 3-6 months to keep the quartz stone wall beautiful and clean.

4. Daily sanitation and cleaning require the use of a neutral detergent for stone. In order not to damage the stone, strong acid or alkaline detergents should not be used. Long-term use of strong acid and strong alkaline detergents will affect the luster of the quartz stone and make the stone lose Gloss.

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jaguar wall mixer quartz stone

5. If pollutants or other corrosive substances remain on the surface of the quartz stone, clean it up in time to avoid damage to the stone.

6. Although the water absorption rate of quartz stone is extremely low and the influence of water vapor on its physical and chemical properties is extremely low, the environmental humidity is too high, and the water vapor will cause water spots and water stains on the surface of the quartz stone. Therefore, the stone installation place should always be ventilated and dry. To prevent moisture condensation, microbial growth, and stone mildew.

7. Regular care and maintenance: Regular care of the surface of the stone by a professional stone cleaning and care company can make the quartz stone remain elegant, flawless, smooth, and gorgeous for a long time.

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Quartz stone has its own advantages, but the maintenance of quartz stone cannot be ignored. If any stone wants to maintain its smoothness and elegance for a long time, it cannot do without stone maintenance.