Different seasons have different advantages and disadvantages, but they can all be decorated, just pay attention to different problems in the decoration. The decoration of the kitchen is most important in home improvement because the kitchen is the most frequently used place in the home. The most important thing for cabinets is the selection of countertop materials. Common countertop materials currently on the market are natural stone, artificial stone, acrylic, quartz stone, and stainless steel. The usage rate of quartz stone is the highest, why?

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Because quartz stone has the advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, penetration resistance, non-toxic, and non-radiation, it is also required for countertops. The quartz stone plate is a decorative solid surface material and can be applied to the entire field of home improvement. Due to the different fields of application, there is a need for processing and installation in the middle, because the quartz stone manufacturers only leave the plates. There are certain differences in processing in different seasons because quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite material, which has certain thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, and has certain mechanical properties such as shrinkage stress, impact toughness, and elongation at break.

What problems should be paid attention to during the installation of quartz stone countertops in winter?

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1. Before installation, you need to check the flatness of the cabinet and check whether the size of the quartz stone countertop matches the cabinet. If an error occurs, the quartz stone countertop needs to be reprocessed, or the cabinets should be repaired.

2. When measuring the depth of the cabinet, the table needs to reserve the size of 4cm in order to facilitate the installation of the lower hanging strip.

3. When splicing some extra-long countertops (such as L-shaped countertops), in order to ensure the flatness of the splicing countertops and the rigidity of the joints, it is recommended to use strong fixing clips (A clips and F clips) to fix the quartz stone plate. In addition, when bonding the lower hanging strip, it is also necessary to use a strong fixing clip to fix it, to ensure that the table joint and the gap between the table and the lower hanging strip are perfectly combined.

4. There should be a certain distance between the quartz stone countertop and the wall (usually 3mm to 5mm). After the installation is completed, glass glue should be evenly applied to the gap between the countertop and the wall. Avoid cracking of the table surface due to thermal expansion and contraction.