The choice of cabinet countertops should not only be practical but also beautiful. Quartz stone countertops are more popular now. The hardness of quartz stone is much higher than that of ordinary artificial stone and natural stone. It is not easy to penetrate, and there are many styles of countertops and very colorful colors. rich. At present, quartz stone has become the first choice for cabinet countertops. Everyone knows that the countertops have front and back water blocking. Many people disagree about whether the backwater blocking should be a circular and low arc. What are the advantages of circular low arc? Let’s get to know it together!

rust stain on quartz countertop

Engineered rust stain on quartz countertop

First of all, we need to understand what a water-retaining strip is and what its function is. The processing of quartz stone countertops includes front water-retaining, backwater retaining, and countertops. It is also common for us to call the backwater barrier against the wall, while the outer side is called the front water barrier, but now many people do not choose the front water barrier. The design of the water-retaining strip is mainly to prevent water from the sink from splashing out, or to prevent water from the kitchen countertop from flowing onto the wooden cabinets below, causing mold.

costco quartz countertops

China OEM costco quartz countertops

Let’s focus on the rear water barrier. It can fill the gap between the cabinet and the wall, especially the latex paint wall. It is necessary to add water to the side against the wall, which can effectively prevent splashing and prevent the wall from being damp and moldy. If you use glass glue to fill the gaps, the gaps will turn black over time, hiding dirt and holding dirt. But on the other hand, the rear water barrier may accumulate soot and dust, reducing the use area of ​​the countertop. Therefore, it is necessary to use a circular low arc for the rear water barrier. Although the processing cost per meter will be about 60 yuan higher, it is conducive to later maintenance and prevents the occurrence of mildew.

repairing quartz countertops

China factory repairing quartz countertops