Among the many cabinet countertop materials, artificial stone products can quickly occupy the countertop market, not only because of the uniform thickness of the plate, good gloss, no radiation, etc., but also can be bent at will, seamlessly bonded, and truly achieve a natural state. Due to the lack of hardness, the field of countertops is being replaced by quartz stone, but the high hardness of quartz stone for seamless splicing has become a bottleneck that the industry and quartz stone manufacturers cannot breakthrough.

dark grey quartz worktop

China dark grey quartz worktop

The splicing gap of the countertop obviously not only affects the overall aesthetics but also easily breeds bacteria. Because the hardness of the quartz stone plate is second only to that of natural diamond, it can reach the Mohs hardness level of 7. In addition, the particles inside will collapse, so the edges are rough when the material is cut, and gaps will occur during natural splicing. It is more difficult to achieve seamless splicing. At present, the so-called seamless splicing will not be the same as the original plate, but a glue line can be seen, which has nothing to do with the price of quartz stone, and it cannot be done with high prices.

msi quartz iced white

MSI quartz iced white countertops

If you want to achieve seamless splicing, you should first polish the splicing seams. This process is a big test for the skill of the installer. (But now it can be done with numerical control equipment) After the polishing is completed, use the manufacturer’s original glue to paste and paste You should first match the color with the countertop board to avoid the color difference, and use paper tape to paste on the edges of the two opposite joints. So as to avoid unnecessary troubles when the glue contacts the plane to clean. After finishing the preparatory work, apply glue evenly, use F clamp to fix for about 15 minutes, try to avoid polishing after splicing.

white galaxy quartz countertop

Calacatta white galaxy quartz countertop