When we buy cabinets, many merchants will recommend quartz stone countertops to us. Quartz stone is also good, but its price will be relatively higher, so artificial quartz stone came out. The price will be relatively lower. So let’s introduce artificial quartz stone, shall we? Advantages and disadvantages of artificial quartz stone?

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1. Advantages Good machinability:
1) In terms of aesthetics, the countertops that form the kitchen and bathroom cannot be replaced by artificial stone. It can be bonded with the same quality and color, and the machinability is almost seamless, which is beyond the reach of materials such as natural marble and quartz stone.

2) The practicability of impermeability: artificial stone is also called polymer material, which has the performance of cabinet corrosion and impermeability, and is more suitable for cabinet countertops, so it is not unreasonable to be favored. (Precisely a defect of natural marble).

3) No radiation concerns: Compared with natural marble and artificial stone, there is no radiation and no adverse effects on the human body.

4) Bright and rich colors: rich and changeable colors, with a large choice, which is conducive to the combination and matching of designers to meet individual needs

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2. Disadvantages:
No scratch resistance: Artificial stone of any material, with a Barcol hardness between 58 and 62, cannot withstand the “scratch” of sharp objects such as metal. What everyone needs to understand is: the processing quality of the countertop is directly related to the overall appearance, geometric size, decontamination ability, cracking degree, and other indicators of the countertop, so you should pay special attention to the processing quality of the manufacturer when purchasing. Generally, the exhibition hall has countertop technology. If you don’t understand the model, you must consult the exhibitors, and the details cannot be ignored. The most important thing about artificial stone is that it is afraid of being hot, remember!

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Advantages and disadvantages of artificial quartz stone
Quartz countertops are made from crushed glass and quartz sand. The advantage of quartz stone is that it is wear-resistant and not afraid of scratches. It has a good heat resistance and can be used as a large-area floor and wall. It can be used as a variety of kitchen and bathroom countertops. The splicing is seamless and durable.