When decorating cabinets and other homes that require high hardness, many families often choose unscratched, unused, and non-burnable quartz stone as the main decoration material. However, the quality of quartz stone plates on the market is uneven. Consumers often do not know where to start when choosing. Here is a quick way to distinguish the quality of quartz stone:

alternatives to quartz countertops

China alternatives to quartz countertops

One: Soak test with hydrochloric acid, etc. In order to maximize profits, some quartz stone manufacturers will dope calcium carbonate into the raw materials of quartz stone. Calcium carbonate is easy to react with acid. If you choose this type of countertop, the countertop will easily change in later use. Therefore, when purchasing, you can take a sample plate and soak it in dilute hydrochloric acid or other acidic liquids. If the product contains calcium carbonate, it will react with the acid and cause bubbles.

Two: Test the dirtiness. The surface and internal structure of high-quality quartz stone plates are equally fine, dense, and uniform, with low water absorption and strong permeability resistance; while inferior quartz stone is often limited to the appearance that looks similar, but the internal structure is loose and porous, with weak permeability and water absorption. , Strong staining. When purchasing, you can pour soy sauce on the quartz stone slab to check whether it will bleed. Inferior quartz stone countertops will bleed in one day, while high-quality quartz stone countertops will not.

exotic quartz countertops

China exotic quartz countertops

Three: Check the wear resistance with a knife. The main component of the quartz stone plate is silica, which has high hardness. The quartz stone on the market is generally marked with a quartz content of more than 90%. Therefore, the possibility of fracture is very small, and it is also relatively wear-resistant. Inferior quartz stone Quartz sand has poor quality, high impurity content, low surface hardness, and is easy to scratch. When purchasing, you can try to make a stroke on the board with a knife, etc.

Four: Check the heat resistance with fire. The resin used in inferior quartz stone is of poor quality and high content, and the heat resistance will also be reduced. Therefore, you can use this to burn the sample with a lighter, etc., and then see if there are burn marks on it.

artificial quartz countertops

China artificial quartz countertops