There is no doubt about the choice of cabinet countertops in home improvement, and quartz stone will be used as cabinet countertops. You may have some understanding of the choice of quartz stone. However, little is known about glue. Today I will take you to understand the glue for quartz stone countertops.

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1. Choose the glue of the specified color according to the different types of quartz stone plates. Do not abuse or mix them.

2. Pay attention to the effective date of the glue. Different quartz stone manufacturers have different glues. Generally, the normal use period of glue without curing agent is 90 days. The glue with curing agent should be used in time, and the glue and curing agent should be stored in a cool and ventilated place. Airtight storage, must strictly abide by the ratio of curing agent to glue, (ordinary glue) the ratio of curing agent to glue is 1.0% -1.5%, that is, 5-8 drops of curing agent per 10g of glue, adjust appropriately according to the temperature, low temperature The maximum amount of curing agent should not exceed 1.8%, and the glue added with curing agent must be used up within 20 minutes.

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If the amount of curing agent is too much, it will cause glue marks to appear on the joint. It directly affects the firmness and perfection of the connection. If the temperature is lower than 10℃, it is recommended to put the glue bottle in hot water to warm the glue before adding the curing agent. When using pure acrylic quick-drying glue, the curing agent and The ratio of glue is 3%-5%. The glue with the curing agent must be used up within 10 minutes. The glue with the curing agent must be fully stirred. The stirring time is the 40s-60s. There must be sufficient glue at the joint, but not, Therefore, the glue is wasted, and it should be enough. Under normal temperature (25℃), the grinding time of ordinary glue is about 60min, and the grinding time of acrylic glue is 30min.

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