Quartz stone is a kind of stone composed of 94% quartz and some 6% resin. Its hardness can reach 7 degrees. Compared with artificial marble, the hardness of quartz stone is slightly higher than that of artificial marble, because of artificial marble in general. It is synthesized from marble powder and some resins, and its hardness is generally 4-6 degrees. Therefore, the hardness of quartz stone is harder than that of marble, and its wear resistance and scratch resistance are much better.

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Due to the characteristics of quartz stone’s own texture, it is resistant to high temperatures. Generally, temperatures below 300 degrees Celsius will not affect the surface of the quartz stone, and cracks will not occur. The artificial marble is different. The artificial marble is made of natural marble powder and contains a large amount of resin so that it is particularly prone to deformation or zooming in some high-temperature environments.

From the perspective of radiation, quartz stone is used in large quantities in home life because its raw materials are non-radiation quartz, and it has no adverse effects on the human body; while the artificial marble is different, and the artificial marble is made of some natural marble powder, so it may produce some radiation on its own texture, which will also cause some negative effects on the human body.

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In daily life, the sample surface of the quartz stone products we generally see does not have any processed film or the like, while the surface of the granite has a protective film, so it is easy to identify. In the current stone market, the price of artificial marble will be much lower than the price of quartz stone. Generally, the price of quartz stone countertops should not be less than 700 yuan per linear meter, and the price of less than 700 yuan per linear meter is a gang Stone product.

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