Finish stone typography
The quality of the natural stone typesetting effect is directly related to the overall decorative effect. Due to the color difference and appearance defects of natural stone, it is necessary to typeset the product to achieve a perfect decorative effect. Especially for stones with natural textures such as sandstone, the layout during installation directly affects the decorative effect.

Typesetting refers to the processing of the products, according to the plan of the drawing, axis position, area, façade, secondary façade, floor, and other parts one by one, to observe the on-site effect.

If there is a difference in color, timely adjustment, replacement, surface dyeing, makeup treatment, etc.

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Strip plate typesetting
According to the protocol board (sample) provided by the customer, the material selection processing is carried out, and then the strip plate is arranged one by one for color separation, according to the site color separation, to ensure that the shaft position (front) or the main façade color is consistent, and the color is slightly different in the secondary façade, corner or high floor of the shaft position.

However, the color should be basically the same, the transition is natural, and there is no difference in color overall. According to the processing size of the floor plan and the list, the dimensions of each part are written on the side of the product one by one, and the part, shaft position, and box number are indicated, placed on a shelf, and so on. Bridge-cutting products can be processed to planned sizes, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Reasonable layout of large boards
According to the samples provided by the customer, the sand saw processing is carried out after material selection, and how many cubic meters of block are needed to produce a large slab of several square meters, and then the plate polished by the automatic grinder is divided into shelves according to color, and a detailed quality list is filled in, and it is transferred to the bridge cutting so that the next process can be prepared in advance or purchased large slabs.

According to the list of drawings and the detailed list of floor plans, the butcher calculates the material plan in a timely and accurate manner. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the color of the main façade (front) is consistent with the sample, and then adjust it according to each axis façade, area, and floor, and use a slightly different color on the back, corner, secondary main surface, and high floor (more than 1 0 floors).

However, the color of the entire façade (part) should be transitioned naturally, and there is no color difference, calculate how many large specifications and sets of small sizes for each large plate to achieve the matching and use of large and small products.

The bridge-cutting machine should be processed strictly according to the batcher’s batching plan, if there is a more material-saving method is preferred, pay special attention to the smooth product, pay attention to the direction of the grain, the product with the chasing line must be smooth docking, and number on the side of the product, indicate the direction of the arrow.

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Layout of delivered products
The products produced according to the processing plan are transferred to the typesetting area, and arranged one by one according to the drawing plan, wiped the surface of the product, is the overall effect, is found that there are differences in color, adjusted and replaced, and ensured that the color of the main façade is consistent.

If there is a difference in the color of other areas and parts, it shall be exchanged between the same specifications in the same area and the same part, and ensure that the color slowly transitions from light to deep, from near to far, from low to high, standing at 1 meter can not see obvious differences in color, and large color differences (different patterns, particles) should be replaced in time.

Although the previous process has been typeset, the color of natural stone in the same mining area is also different due to different locations, and the same board will appear with yin and yang colors, and the pattern and particles are also unevenly distributed.

In addition, there are also factors such as sweeping flowers, black spots, and impurities inside the stone, so a second typesetting is required.

The products are arranged one by one, and the color is adjusted from light to deep, in order to achieve a better color effect, the makeup treatment of the board surface ——— the surface dyeing of the stone.

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According to the degree of the color difference of the product, the corresponding dye is prepared for plate dyeing, and the color of the whole part can be ensured after dyeing to ensure that there is no difference in color and the effect is good.

During the typesetting process, the quality inspection of the product should also be carried out, such as geometric size, diagonal, flatness, appearance defects, gloss, angle, thickness, etc. If the quality is found to be unqualified, it will be replaced in time, and the board surface should be reworked if there are scratches and wear marks.

The chasing product mainly reflects the smooth docking, that is to say, the tail end of the previous product and the first end of the next product must be docked to reflect the effect of chasing the grain, in order to reflect the smooth docking and natural scenery. Such as the docking of beige travertine, the grain docking reflects the grain in one direction, the same horizontal line, to reflect the beautiful picture.

Textured products are divided into straight grain and twill. If the grain is smooth left high right low, right high left low, typesetting according to the requirements of the processing order smooth width or high height, pay attention to the correctness of the direction.Panda white quartz countertops

The difference between chasing products and grain tracing products is that the chasing pattern must be smooth and docked, reflecting a natural beauty. And the grain is smooth as long as the direction of the grain is correct. Relatively speaking, the product quality requirements of chasing are high, and the processing is difficult.

The number of the product
After the completion of the above items, the side or back of the product is numbered according to the requirements of the layout drawing, so that the site construction personnel can “take the right seat”. Secondary processing is required, such as skimming, opening dry hanging grooves, punching back bolt holes, opening chicken mouths, bonding products, etc., must be numbered on the back of the product according to the requirements of the layout drawing, and transferred to the next process for processing, especially pay attention to the traced product after the completion of the typesetting, to write the number on the back of the product.