At present, the most widely used cabinet countertop material on the market is quartz stone. It is famous for its wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and high density. It is quite popular with consumers, but how can materials with so many advantages come together? What about the fracture? Some reasons for breakage may even surprise you!

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Quartz stone material is a brittle polymer composite artificial stone plate, which has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. At the same time, it also has a certain force standard. Although the outside world gives it the reputation of being hard and firm, in fact, it is not indestructible. When there is a high-temperature external object irritation and it exceeds its tolerance standard, it will be inevitable to crack. Therefore, even if it is a quartz stone countertop with high heat resistance, it should be avoided to directly connect the pot that has just been heated to the countertop. contact. Of course, severe external shocks are also the most fundamental reason for its fracture, but apart from these reasons, you cannot ignore the details that may cause it to fracture.

1. Cracks appear at the joints

If there is a crack in this position, there may be operational problems during the installation of the table. The installer may apply glue when the joints of the two countertops are not aligned so that the countertops are not evenly stressed, or the glue applied to the joints is not evenly applied, or even excessive curing agent is added to the glue applied. Causes the joints to become brittle and intolerable.

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2. Cracks appear in the rear water level

If there is a crack in the backwater retaining position of the countertop, the user should check whether the countertop pad is installed properly and whether the glue is in place. Otherwise, the bearing capacity of the countertop will be greatly reduced and the probability of cracking will increase.

3. Cracks appear around the sink and stove

For the cracks around the sink and stove, except for the reason that the edges of the sink and stove hole were not smooth, the installation did not leave enough clearance for the sink, stove, and the countertop. Once affected by the external temperature difference, the countertop shrinks and receives uneven force. , The fracture caused is also possible.

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4. The crack appeared in the middle of the countertop

If there is a crack in the middle of the countertop, it means that the user’s daily use and operation are careless. Some high-temperature pots and utensils directly placed on the countertop greatly reduce the service life of the countertop. At the same time, it does not rule out that the cabinet carrying the cracked countertop has problems. And so on.