Nowadays, the application of quartz stone in home decoration is more and more widely. From the initial cabinet countertops to window sills to the current application of ground and wall, quartz stone has been used in the entire decoration field.

lagos blue quartz

Lagos blue quartz stone

Quartz stone is made of more than 93% quartz crystal and 7% epoxy unsaturated resin plus other binders. It is formed by vacuum, high pressure, and high vibration, and belongs to artificial stone die-casting plates. Because the plate contains 93% quartz sand, it is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturers.

my country’s quartz stone market is on the track of rapid development, and some large quartz stone manufacturers are able to develop rapidly. However, it is precisely for this reason that my country’s quartz stone market is chaotic, and the price of quartz stone has a huge gap. Some small quartz stone manufacturers are still copycats, occupying the market at low prices, disrupting the original order of the quartz stone market. As a result, the quality of the current quartz stone sales market is uneven. In order to maximize the benefits, some unscrupulous merchants will subscribe after the customer purchases (using low-priced similar plates instead). For customers who are unfamiliar with quartz, it is difficult to distinguish plates with a similarity of 70%, not to mention that it is impossible to remember the color of the plates in the purchase.

blue gray quartz countertops

China blue-gray quartz countertops

How to avoid this kind of trap?

1. After confirming the purchase, you should remember the selected brand, product name, or serial number (photographs can be taken), and ask the merchant for a warranty.

2. Require merchants to keep the plate production code, back spray code, front anti-counterfeit code, and nameplate during processing.

3. Before installation, check the code on the back of the board, use a blue pen to check the front anti-counterfeiting code, and call the manufacturer to check the production code.

blue countertops quartz

blue countertops quartz stone