Quartz stone is not easy to bleed compared to artificial stone due to its higher hardness and density. The cleaning frequency of quartz stone is actually determined by the customer’s usage. After operating at home, wipe the countertop with a rag in time, or Perform cleaning and maintenance for a unit once a week, and focus on maintenance once a year.

3 quartz

Thickness 3 quartz countertops

Quartz stone cleaning and maintenance methods:
Can be scrubbed with detergent. After scrubbing, you can apply the car wax or furniture wax at home on the surface and then rub it back and forth with a dry cloth after it dries. This will add a protective film to the countertop.

It is especially important to note that if there are stains on the seam of the countertop, it is recommended to scrub it in time and wax the focus here. If possible, the frequency of waxing can be higher.

quartz nero marquina

Black colored quartz Nero Marquina countertops

If the quartz stone countertop at home has bled and it is difficult for us to clean it, we can contact our manufacturer to clean it with professional quartz powder.

u quartz

Brand u quartz kitchen countertops