1. Types of artificial stone
(1) According to the materials used in production
Artificial marble is mainly divided into cement-based artificial marble, resin-based artificial marble, composite artificial marble, and sintered artificial marble.

Among the four methods of making artificial marble, the most commonly used is polyester artificial marble, which has the best physical and chemical properties, easy to design patterns, reproducible, suitable for many uses, but the price is definitely higher; cement Type artificial marble is the cheapest, but it has poor corrosion resistance and is prone to micro-cracking. It is suitable for making plates and not suitable for sanitary ware. The composite type combines the advantages of the first two. It has good physical and chemical properties and cost. It is also low; although sintered artificial marble only uses clay as an adhesive, it needs to be roasted at a high temperature, so it consumes a lot of energy, has a high cost, and has a high rate of product damage.

artificial countertops

Engineered quartz stone artificial countertops

(2) Classified by product name:
1. Acrylic: a chemical resin synthetic material, clean, mostly used for kitchen countertops, easy to shape, good waterproof, no color difference, but easy to scratch.

2. Synthetic stone: It is made of marble powder and resin, with a firm texture.

3. Microcrystalline stone: The main component is similar to glass products, with a bright and clean name, magnificent color, and hard texture. It is mainly used for laying the ground, but it is not easy to reprocess because of the hard texture and the price is higher.

4. Terrazzo: But it has poor corrosion resistance and is prone to micro-cracks. It is suitable for sheet metal but not sanitary ware.

2. The characteristics of artificial stone
(1) Rich colors and everything. There are pure colors, such as white, yellow, black, red, etc. There is also hemp color. On the basis of the clean color board, different colors and particles of different sizes are added to create a variety of colorful color effects. There are many kinds, and the choice is very large.

(2) No radioactive pollution. The artificial stone material is strictly screened and does not contain radioactive substances, so consumers can use it with confidence.

(3) Moderate hardness and toughness. Natural stone is hard, brittle, not resistant to impact, easy to break, and has better impact resistance than natural stone.

(4) Convenient processing and production. The hardness and toughness of artificial stone have been adjusted to a certain range. It can be processed like hardwood. All woodworking tools and mechanical equipment can be used for the production and processing of artificial stone. It can be bonded (using special glue, all kinds of countertops can be connected “seamlessly”), bendable, and can be processed In various shapes, this is unmatched by natural stone.

artificial stone countertops

Quartz artificial stone countertops

(5) The structure is dense, clean, and hygienic. Natural stone has natural micropores. When making the countertop of the cabinet, nutrients such as a vegetable soup can easily penetrate into it and breed bacteria; while the artificial stone has a dense structure, no micropores, and liquid substances cannot Infiltration, bacteria can’t grow in it, so there are reasons for some businesses to fry artificial stone as “antibacterial stone”.

Artificial stone has experienced decades of research, development, and innovation since its birth, which enables the artificial stone to develop a variety of materials and be widely used in commercial, residential, and even military fields.

In commercial use, the use of artificial stone is almost unlimited. According to the adaptability of the product, it can be used for equipment and facilities in health centers, medical institutions, public office buildings, factories, and mining companies, shopping centers, and other spaces. When it acts on counters, walls, sinks, display racks, furniture, elevators, and other utensils, the artificial stone with unique color and texture design all show its thoughtfulness, warmth, strong plasticity, free cutting, bending, grinding, durable joining, etc. Excellent performance, these characteristics of the product, consumers can boldly create and maintain the beauty when using it.

Artificial stones can be made into materials of various application grades according to the needs of users. It is a sanitary and environmentally friendly material, solid and non-porous, without cavities or gaps that hide dirt. The surface seams are very tight and will not be penetrated by water. Therefore, in the foodservice industry, it can be used to design original dining tables, display booths, and clean and sanitary kitchen workbenches. Similarly, when used in medical and health units with strict hygiene standards, users can be flexible according to the lines of the human body. Designed and installed in medical rooms, laboratories, and surgical operating rooms.

In terms of home decoration, artificial stone is superior to the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, cold and heat resistance, and impact resistance that are not common in traditional building materials. As a decorative material with good texture and multiple colors, it can not only beautify the interior and exterior decoration but also meet its needs. The diversified requirements of design can provide architects and designers with a very wide range of design spaces to create space and express natural feelings.

artificial quartz

artificial quartz kitchen countertops

Artificial stone can be formulated into an advanced composite according to different requirements. Because of its special composition, it is difficult to be worn. Also, because the color and pattern are deep and the material surface and the inside, can be concave. If the pattern, chip, scratch, or even serious abrasion, as long as the corresponding measures are taken to refurbish, it can be restored to the original and new.

Many families use artificial stone as countertops in the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms. Because artificial stone is processed by imitating the surface texture of natural marble, it has mechanical characteristics similar to marble and is better than natural marble in hardness, gloss, and abrasion resistance. This resin has low viscosity, is easy to shape, and cures quickly. Cured at room temperature. Moreover, the artificial stone has fine color and texture, and the pattern can be determined by the designer. It can be arbitrarily shaped into more than 100 different varieties with colorful and elegant feelings. Rich color imagination, natural pigments, and the combination of different materials can create colorful colors. The color and quality complement each other, and the design space will be wider, and people’s passion will always be new!