In recent years, personalization and pragmatism have been increasing, and the cool characteristics of stone products have been more and more admired by decoration design. Because natural stone has a certain degree of radioactivity and the country’s control over over-exploitation, and people’s minds about green and environmental protection Pursue. The following editor introduces what is artificial quartz stone and the characteristics of artificial quartz stone.

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What is artificial quartz stone?
Artificial quartz stone is a mineral-filled polymer composite material made of natural ore powder and natural pigments that are vacuum cast or molded. It can be divided into aluminum powder board, acrylic, composite acrylic, artificial granite, and quartz stone. The hardness and appearance of artificial quartz stones are comparable to those of natural stone.

The characteristics of artificial quartz stone
1. Material hardness
The strength of artificial quartz stone is second only to the natural minerals of diamonds, and the strength can be completely higher than that of various knives and shovels used in the kitchen. Therefore, cabinet countertops made of artificial quartz stone do not have to worry about being scratched like wooden cabinet countertops, which will affect the overall appearance of the cabinet.

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2. Material characteristics
The artificial quartz stone will not feel old after a long time. After complex processing, the glass luster characteristics of the artificial quartz stone can be fully excavated. In addition, the hardness of the artificial quartz stone will not be scratched by a knife or shovel in life. It is not easy to penetrate into the material, which can effectively protect the countertop of the cabinet.

3. Anti-corrosion ability
The artificial quartz stone has strong corrosion resistance, so there is no need to worry about sprinkling the condiments used in the kitchen on the countertop to corrode the countertop. In addition, the cabinet countertops made of this material are easy to clean, just wipe it with a cleaning agent or clean water with a rag, which is simple and convenient.

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