Engineered quartz stone is a new type of quartz stone powder, resin, pigment, and other auxiliary materials that are formed by high-pressure compression under vacuum and shaped at high temperatures. It is non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, new green building materials, and decorative materials.

quartz stone kitchen countertops

The main body of artificial quartz is quartz sand powder, accounting for about 90%, and resin, pigment, and other auxiliary materials account for about 10%.

Engineered quartz stone is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, does not contain radioactive substances, it uses quartz sand and quartz powder as the main raw materials. Using 5%-8% unsaturated polyester resin as the binder, it is made by vacuuming, normal temperature, high pressure, vibration, pouring, beautiful shape, natural and uniform color pattern, dense structure, strong wear resistance, compression resistance, tear-resistance The characteristics of high strength and low water absorption rate make up for the defects of natural stone color difference, holes, cracks, cracks, high water absorption rate and so on. It is a widely used decoration material in large modern commercial squares and high-end office buildings.

k stone quartz countertops

Engineered quartz stone composition:

Filling materials: quartz sand, calcium carbonate, silica fume, cement mortar, alumina, feldspar

Ingredients: shells, pebbles, colored glass

Dyeing materials: iron oxide, titanium dioxide, organic pigments, inorganic dyes

Adhesive: unsaturated polyester resin, nylon

Auxiliaries: leveling agent, dispersant, curing agent, accelerator, defoamer, mold release agent