For home decoration and decoration, people are not only pursuing the external appearance, but also the requirements for the environmental performance of decorative materials. As we all know, the price of decorative materials is relatively high compared to environmentally friendly materials. It is often necessary to move in half a year after the decoration, that is, people are worried about the harmful substances in the decoration. For ordinary home decoration, because of the problem of decoration budget, they often ignore the requirements for environmental protection. Quartz stone is more widely recognized as a green and environmentally friendly decorative stone. But there will be some problems. Many people leave a message to the editor to ask why the quartz table is deformed. The following is a list of reasons for the deformation and warping of the quartz stone tabletop!

perla white quartz

The raw material of the quartz stone plate is more than 90% quartz sand and 7% resin and other binders, which are cured by vacuum, high pressure, and kiln. Therefore, the higher the amount of resin, the worse the quality of the quartz stone, the more easily the quartz stone is deformed and the less scratch resistant. To reduce the possibility of deformation, first of all, only reduce the resin content, choose the equipment with higher pressure, choose the quartz sand with higher density, and increase the pressure appropriately during molding to improve the tightness. This is related to the production of quartz stone manufacturers. In addition, the loopholes left in the processing and installation may be deformed and warped when connected to the cabinet without a pad or pad.

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There are still many people who choose self-made cabinets. The countertop uses quartz stone, and the bonding method also uses cement for pasting. This bonding method often takes a period of time. The cement and quartz stone will separate. This is because the cement is CaC03, an alkaline oxide, which can react with an acid, and the quartz stone raw material contains acid resin. The reduction in cement and the acid in the resin plays a chemical reaction, and the countertop of the self-made cabinet is selected to paste with black glue.