What is the difference between artificial stone and quartz stone, and who is better? In fact, whether it is artificial stone or quartz stone, there is no difference between good and bad. The composition of the stone is different, and the difference in function and characteristics is also relatively large. Therefore, when buying cabinet surface materials, you must know which characteristics you value more. , Choose the one that suits you according to your preferences.

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In recent years, artificial stone has been widely used in home decoration, especially cabinet countertops, and has become the mainstream cabinet countertop material on the market. As an emerging decoration building material, quartz stone is also widely used in home decoration, and it is being recognized and accepted by more and more consumers. So, between the artificial stone and the quartz stone, which one is stronger?

People are used to collectively refer to pure acrylic, composite acrylic, pure aluminum powder board, and calcium powder board as artificial stone. The best artificial stone is a pure acrylic, followed by composite acrylic. It is best to use composite acrylic or above materials for home decoration to ensure that it is not easy to penetrate, deform and crack. The artificial stone processing has a beautiful appearance, mainly the arc-shaped rear water retaining an absolute seamless joint and special-shaped processing. At the same time, the toughness is relatively good, and pure acrylic is the best. The artificial stone is easy to repair after a problem, and after a long time of use, it can be bright as new after re-polishing. However, the hardness of the artificial stone is slightly worse than that of quartz stone. If rough objects rub against the countertop, it is easy to destroy the brightness of the countertop. At the same time, the temperature resistance is not as good as that of quartz stone.

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In fact, quartz stone is also an artificial stone, which is made by the equipment. The quartz stone is made of natural quartz as the main material and is mixed with saturated resin, mineral pigments, compounding agents, and additives. Quartz stone is better in hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance than artificial stone. However, whether it is quartz stone or artificial stone, you cannot directly put the hot pot on the countertop. Although quartz stone is better than an artificial stone in the above aspects, it cannot be seamlessly spliced ​​because of its high hardness and density. It is not easy to make complex shapes. Therefore, the shape is single and it is not easy to repair when bumps occur.

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