1. The raw materials are different. Artificial stone is a mineral-filled polymer composite material made of natural ore powder, acrylic, high-performance resin, and natural pigment that is hollow cast or molded; Quartz stone is made of about 93% quartz crystal particles, plus pigments, resins, glues, and antibacterial agents, and then vacuumed at high temperature and pressed.

2. Stain resistance and scratch resistance are different. Artificial stone is easy to produce scratches, easy to bleed, and needs to pay attention to maintenance when used. Quartz stone has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, and anti-penetration that other materials cannot match. Restorative. After the artificial stone is damaged, it can be repaired by repairing, sanding, and polishing to prolong the service life. Quartz stone is too hard because it is too hard, and once an exception is made, it is not as easy to repair as artificial stone. Under normal circumstances, quartz stone does not need to be taken care of.

3. The heat resistance is different. Artificial stone is not heat-resistant, and not resistant to high temperatures, it is recommended not to put the hot utensils directly on the surface, you can use heat insulation pads. Although quartz stone is more heat-resistant than ordinary materials, for long-term use, it is recommended not to place heat-generating utensils directly on the surface, and use thermal insulation pads. Price. The price of quartz stone countertops is more expensive than the price of artificial stone countertops.