When it comes to quartz stone, I believe that everyone is familiar with it, and they will immediately think of the cabinet countertops we use every day, as well as the window sills at home. That is to say, a decorative stone slab used in our home decoration is called quartz stone, and even some people can’t tell whether it belongs to natural stone or artificial stone, only know that it is a decorative stone. What is the difference between real quartz stone and quartz stone slabs?

What a real natural quartz stone!

Natural quartz is a mineral that easily becomes liquid when heated or pressured. It is also a fairly common rock-forming mineral, found in all three types of rocks. Because it crystallizes the latest in igneous rocks, it usually lacks complete crystal faces and is mostly filled with other rock-forming minerals that crystallize first. The composition of quartz is the simplest form of silica [that is, silicon dioxide. Quartz is very stable and does not easily weather or change into other minerals. According to the degree of crystallization of SiO2, it can be divided into crystalline monocrystalline quartz and polycrystalline quartzite jade.

white quartz stone slab

white quartz stone slab

How is Quartz Stone Formed?

During the intrusion and evolution of magma, due to changes in temperature, pressure, and other conditions, hydrothermal fluids rich in SiO2 are differentiated, and bedding and fissures penetrate into the metamorphic rock series of host rocks, or along the contact fracture zone of pre-magmatic rocks. Intrusion is the formation of vein-shaped quartzite orebodies. Isn’t the quartz stone plate called “quartz stone”?

In fact, the scientific name of quartz stone plate is brittle polymer composite material, which belongs to the artificial stone plate. It is made of more than 90% quartz sand, 7% resin, and other binders through vacuum high pressure and high vibration. Because the main filler in the plate is quartz sand, and the content is more than 90% higher, it is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturers.