1. Quartz stone is actually a kind of artificial stone, which is not easy to scratch and burn.

2. Marble is based on natural stone. Advantages of use: durable, the material and color are quartz stone, artificial stone cannot be made. Disadvantages: stone is highly radiant, has holes in its interior, and is easy to mold;

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absolute black quartz vanity tops

3. The price of artificial stone is relatively cheap, and the quality is soft; the disadvantages are that the material is soft and easy to scratch, and the anti-leakage performance is not good, easy to mold, easy to be polluted, its fire resistance is not high, and the resin content is high;

Extended information

1. Do not place high-temperature objects directly on the table. When placing high-temperature objects, other insulation materials such as brackets with rubber feet, heat insulation pads, etc. should be added under the placed objects;

caesarstone black quartz

Caesarstone black quartz vanity tops

2. Do not scald the countertops with boiling water immediately after rinsing the cabinet countertops with cold water, so as to avoid the artificial marble countertops from bursting due to rapid cooling and heating in a short period of time;

3. Do not drag heavy objects directly on the countertop in order to keep the countertop clean and beautiful;

4. Do not use the countertop as a cutting board to directly cut or chop various items; (hint: add a rubber non-slip mat or towel under the cutting board)

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black Marquina quartz stone vanity tops