Quartz stone slab is a combination of natural beauty and high technology. It can be said that it combines the advantages of natural stone and artificial stone. However, compared with artificial stone, the price of quartz stone is slightly higher. The particles in the quartz stone slabs are crystal clear, beautiful in color, and luxurious. It has the characteristics of high hardness, strong toughness, low water absorption, no radioactivity, and acid, and alkali resistance. The preferred face material for window sills, with the continuous improvement of the production capacity of quartz stone manufacturers, quartz stone has been used more on the ground and wall.

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With the increasing demand for quartz stone application in China, the quartz stone market is entering a rapid development track, enabling some large quartz stone manufacturers to develop rapidly. However, it is for this reason that the quartz stone market in China is relatively chaotic, and the price gap between quartz stones is huge. Some small quartz stone manufacturers are still imitating cottages and occupying the market at low prices, which disrupts the original order of the quartz stone market and makes the quality of quartz stones wider and wider.

The reasons for the price difference of quartz stone:

1. The control of production raw materials, quartz stone is synthesized by quartz sand and unsaturated resin as the main raw materials. With the continuous improvement of quartz stone standards, the classification of quartz sand and resin is also more refined, and the price of raw materials is also a certain distance away, so the quality of raw materials has a certain impact on the quality of plates.

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2. The production equipment and quartz stone slabs have strict requirements on the production equipment. The most important thing is the press. For example, the simplest requirement is that the press should reach -98 or more and the press pressure should reach more than 50 tons. Some small quartz stone manufacturers even use artificial marble production equipment, so that the quality is naturally a certain distance away from the brand quartz stone.

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Because the price of quartz stone is currently at a low level, the shipments of some manufacturers have been greatly reduced, so the market will still be in a downward trend. At present, “the more production, the more loss, the more loss, the more production” is already common to domestic quartz stone manufacturers. In order to maintain capital flow and maintain market share, many quartz stone manufacturers will choose to compromise and follow the trend to reduce prices. At the same time when the price is reduced, they will choose to reduce the quality. After all, the enterprise must survive, so in the end, the “victim” is still the consumer.