The quality of kitchen decoration countertops directly affects the service life of the overall cabinet. The development of cabinet countertop materials has gone from wooden countertops to natural stone countertops to stainless steel countertops and finally to the commonly used artificial stone and quartz-stone countertops. It has been updated for five generations in just over 30 years. Quartz stone has become the preferred surface material for cabinet countertops at present because quartz stone not only has the plasticity, non-toxic, non-radiation, and anti-permeability of artificial stone but also has the natural arts and hardness of natural stone. It is a new architectural decorative stone.

bathroom sinks and cabinets

Quartz bathroom sinks and cabinets

However, the problem of quartz stone countertops bursting during use is also relatively common. The first time after the explosion occurs, all of us will think it is the problem of the quartz stone plate itself. In fact, more than 90% of the cracks start from the corners of the hole. This is worth our consideration. Let’s analyze it together with the editor. Next reason!

bathroom sink plumbing

Quartz stone bathroom sink plumbing

The influence of cabinet countertops processing on it is very big, especially the opening is very important. The openings of the quartz stone countertops should be smooth, not jagged, and not simple right angles, to prevent small cracks or chipping when opening the holes. The four corners should be rounded with a diameter of not less than 20mm, and be rounded with sandpaper to avoid stress points at the openings and bursting when the surface is unevenly stressed.

bathroom sink countertop

Kitchen quartz bathroom sink countertop