Although the installation of the cabinet countertop belongs to the last process, it is also the most important part. The quality of the countertop installation will directly affect the service life of the whole cabinet! Why do you choose pads or pads under the quartz stone countertops? Everyone has their own words. Whether it should be added, we should understand it and make a comment.

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Install quartz stone cabinet under the countertop

Quartzite is an artificial stone plate made by artificial die-casting. It has a higher density and is heavier than artificial stone and natural stone. If the bearing capacity of the cabinet can be achieved, there is no need to add pads or pads, but many cabinets currently use composite boards, which are weaker in load-bearing. In this case, it is better to use pads or pads, because the force on the table can be evenly distributed to the entire cabinet.

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Whether to use pads or pads? The purpose of the pad is to make the force on the table more even and reduce the chance of table cracking. Generally, our common quartz stone countertops are under the aluminum alloy pad or quartz stone keel, plastic steel keel, aluminum alloy keel, etc. The choice of the backing plate is generally wood. The wooden backing plate is greatly affected by the air, which is easy to expand and contract with heat, which causes the tabletop to break and affect the normal use of the tabletop. The pad is not affected by the air and is not easily deformed. The pad is also the same The gravity of the countertop is decomposed, the bearing capacity of the countertop is improved, and the service life of the cabinet is enhanced.